Frequently Asked Questions

What causes unwanted hair growth?

There are many things that can cause excess hair growth including; heredity, hormone levels, medications, temporary hair removal methods (i.e. waxing, tweezing, threading, etc.), and illnesses. It is also common for women to have unwanted hair growth during puberty, pregnancy, and menopause. 

How does Electrolysis work?

Electrolysis involves the insertion of a fine pre-sterilized, disposable probe into the hair follicle. The skin is not punctured or harmed. A slight amount of current is then applied through the probe. Effective treatment of the mid and lower follicle accomplishes permanent hair removal by destroying the dermal papilla (the blood supply to the hair). When the dermal papilla is completely de-activated, no further hair growth can occur. If in an initial treatment, a hair is only damaged an undernourished weaker hair will grow. This hair will be finer and more susceptible to treatment.

Are there different kinds of Electrolysis?

Yes, there are three different methods of Electrology; Galvanic, Thermolysis, and The Blend. All three modalities are safe, effective, and equally destroy hair germ cells that cause hair growth.  The modality used is the preference of the professional Electrologist. 

Galvanic – Direct current (DC). This is a chemical method that utilizes a direct current to convert normal body salt and water in the follicle into a compound capable of destroying the dermal papilla. The chemical is produced only in the follicle and does not affect any other area. 

Thermolysis – Alternating current (AC), sometimes referred to as high frequency or short-wave: This is a method that uses a high frequency current to produce heat in the hair follicle. This heat cauterizes and destroys the dermal papilla. 

The Blend Method (also referred to as Dual Modality): The Blend method combines both currents together (sequentially or simultaneously) in the same probe. Thermolysis enhances the action of the galvanic method to produce a faster process. 

Is it safe?

Yes! Electrolysis has had a history of safe and effective hair removal since 1875. Our equipment is sterilized before each treatment and we use a brand new sterilized probe for each individual session so there is never any chance of cross contamination.

Does Electrolysis hurt?

Today, most of our clients describe the sensation of electrolysis as "quick warmth". Some areas may be more sensitive than others and at certain times of the month you may feel more sensitive. With today's digital equipment, adjustments can be made to create a more comfortable treatment experience. Over the counter products are also available to desensitize a treatment area for those who are more sensitive. Taking your favorite pain reliever 30 minutes before an appointment can also lessen the sensation of treatment.

Are there side effects?

You may see slight redness and/or swelling but this is normal and these mild symptoms will lessen anywhere from ½ hour to a few hours. After hair is treated, it leaves an open follicle that is prone to bacteria. Keeping the area clean and avoiding makeup or harsh products on the area for 24 hours is advised. 

Is Electrolysis expensive?

Our fees for electrolysis are in keeping with those for other aesthetic services but considering that electrolysis treatments result in permanent hair removal, the cost is nominal. Continuous use of temporary methods over years will in fact cost considerably more than electrolysis.

Estimating the cost of electrolysis is something that can only be done after a consultation, as every client is different. How often you need to come in depends upon the density of hair as well as previous methods of hair removal, to name only two factors. The goal of a consultation is to evaluate the area to be treated and to educate you on your options. At that time, we will set a schedule that works for you. Again, consistency is the most important factor in electrolysis. Over time, we will re-evaluate your progress and together we will reach your goal of being hair-free.

Does Electrolysis work if I've been tweezing or waxing?

Yes! Waxing and tweezing hair increases blood supply to follicles. Hair re-growth will be coarser as a result and may require more treatments than fine hair. That said, you will definitely see permanent results by the end of your treatment program.

How many treatments are required?

The number of treatments required will vary with each person and according to factors such as the amount of hair in the treatment area, the sensitivity of the skin, medication and hormone balance, and the previous methods of hair removal, just to name a few. 

Most clients find that weekly sessions beginning at thirty minutes to one-hour work best. Eventually as the hair is removed, moving to 15-minute touch-up treatments on a less frequent basis is sufficient. Again, the more closely you adhere to a treatment schedule, the sooner you will become hair-free forever.


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